Camping Out with Good Music

So I’m sure everyone has heard of Clubbers Campout, the weekend camping event/ music festival where Cape Towns best and favourite club DJ’s play the best music.

I had my first Clubbers Campout experience in the beginning of the year. To be honest, I was not very keen on going since I always went camping growing up and was kind of over it at this point but after some convincing, I agreed to go.

I must say, it was what a thought it would be – a good time. Having music play 24/7, artist performances and being up for what feel like 12 -18 hours at a time, truly sums up the weekend.

So here are some tips if you decide to camp out with good music

  1. Do not be a germaphobe – It will not be a good time. Trust me
  2. Don’t expect to get a good or a full nights sleep
  3. Hand sanitizer will be your best friend
  4. Camp with a bunch of friends that you can deal with seeing for 72 hours straight
  5. You will learn to love music you have not heard before
  6. Do not waste you time bringing fancy clothes with
  7. Enjoy every moment – you will make memories that you can laugh about the next day

Clubbers Campout is a definite experience – I doubt I will be repeating that experience but it was one for the books.

If you do decide to be a part of the experience, there will be a chance in December 2014/ January 2015, for 5 whole days [yes, 5 days]. Good luck x



Waiting for the Legend

The 16th of November is when it all goes down. By that, I mean when greatness will hit the stage and bless us with some of the best music of all time for his All of Me Tour.

When I first heard ‘Used to love you’ by John Legend I thought it was genius. Not only did it have a good beat and great lyrics but his voice was just soulful that is just made you feel some type of way.

Since them, any and every song that John Legend has released I have absolutely loved. His music is not only for the young folk but your parents and even your grandparents can and will love him, if they haven’t already. And I feel like his music will just be relevant for my children and their children’s children and maybe even my children’s children children

And just my luck. John Legend will be gracing us with his presence this coming weekend for what I feel will be absolute magical. I am not ashamed to say that i was online waiting for the tickets to go on sale to make sure that i did not miss out.

Yes, I am that type of fan. Although I would not cry if I saw him on stage. I’m not that crazy.



Oh the Concerts of Summer

Since I love all things music and summer I feel that it is only appropriate to express my love for the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts that happens every year from end of November until March/ April the following year.

I was lucky enough to work at the summer concerts for a couple of years and let me tell you, not having to wait in lines and basically getting a front row seat to the sound check as well as the concert is just too great.

Being able to chill with your friends, be surrounded by stunning views and listen to amazing South African artists for what seems like two concerts in one day, makes sitting in the heat worth it. Looking at the crowds of people having such a good time ans singing along just amplifies what is already such an amazing vibe.

I strongly suggest if you have nothing to do, not even, if you have something to do, skip it and go and take advantage of Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts and all the great music it has to offer you.

Take everyone you know with you, you mom, your dad, your siblings, your bird or your dog, whomever – just do yourself a favour and do not miss out.

Follow the link below to check out who will be gracing the stage this Summer


Classic Love

It is so rare, especially lately, that I actually enjoy the music that artists [local and international] put out. Yes, music is supposed to change but sometimes I feel like it shouldn’t have.

Yes, I love me some new hip hop / rnb but they do not make feel good music like they used to. and that is the saddest part. I would rather sit and listen to music from the 80’s and 90’s than half of the music that is being put out.

What happened to the genuine lyrics that actually made sense and that you can connect to – not only mentally but emotionally. I miss that music. We need that music again.

Don’t get me wrong – I can enjoy the new music that comes out but nothing makes your soul feel as good as some genuine classic hip hop/ rnb.

oh and if you looking for a little feel good music, that includes some of my favourite and ultimate classics – check out [especially the birthday mix]. You will be doing your soul a favour.



TweetDeck vs Hootsuite

Being that there is an app for an app and that things are always trying to be simplified. TweetDeck and Hootsuite are services that help to manage your social media accounts so that you are able to do a little bit more when engaging with the world.

I found some similarities and some differences that may help when using your social media accounts


  1. Breakdown of Twitter account – able to see all aspects of account at once
  2. Delay Tweets
  3. Monitor and Tweet from multiple accounts simultaneously
  4. Links are shortened when displayed


  1. Able to manage and update multiple social media accounts – Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace and WordPress simultaneously
  2. No software is needed
  3. Divide sent tweets from the rest

Either or, they both serve the same purpose, it just depends on how social to actually are


Winging it actually works. I’m not that surprised though.

I never knew what i wanted i wanted to do after high school since my interests always changed. all i new is that i wanted to do something that never felt like a job and was more of what was natural to me. I would always tell people I was going to the university of home – I was dead serious for a while.

Then I stumbled [when I say that, I actually mean I winged it] on the PR course and it kind of worked. I got to my third year and I had to decide where do to my internship and all I knew that i wanted to do events – lawd alone knows there are many different types. I was lucky enough to intern at an amazing event company that mainly did concert type of events along with other kinds.

I quickly learned that i enjoy co-coordinating and working at concerts was the best not only because it it never the same but because I am constantly surrounded by feel good music and that’s what my soul needed.

I still was unsure though – that’s the confused and indecisive me.

A friend asked me what made me happy – and my first thought was music and that moment just solidified my love of music and having the opportunity to incorporate that into my career would be magic.

So fingers crossed for working and being surrounded by music all the time


If only I could remember

For the longest time I was able to recite every rap and song lyric and would not miss a beat. Every song that I would hear, maybe once or twice, I would know the lyrics and sing it continuously. Without fail.

I really think that is one of my many talents – I don’t know my other talents so I am really proud of this one. Anyway…

I always thought that my memory was a bit faulty especially when it came down to trying to remember school or varsity work but then I quickly realized some of the work did not interest me. Big shocker, right?

Then!… dun dun dun dunnnnnnnn… It hit me.

If I could rap/ sing my work, my life would’ve been pure magic. I mean, imagine Missy Elliot, Jay Z, Snoop, Notorious BIG or even A$AP Rocky rapping about communication theories or trig equations or even how the kidney functions, I am pretty sure my memory would have been on point. And I am very sure I would have remembered a lot more school or varsity work.

So right now I am putting blame on the rappers that refused to rap about my varsity/ school work that could have made my educational career and my ability to remember much easier.

That’s a plausible theory so I think I shall stick to it